Graveyard in my mind

Graveyard in my mind

“I have a graveyard in my mind,
there Shall I lay your memories put to rest.

For what is dead,
should be buried.

For I don’t want to see them rot,
Rot and decay painfully infront of my new memories.

Thus, I shall bury them in my mind’s graveyard.

I might pay the grave a visit once in a while,
to lay flowers, for being beautiful when they were there.

But, what is dead,
should be buried”




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Prashant Sagar

I am Prashant Sagar, aged 21, from the land of nirvana and moksha- Bihar. You grow up fast when you grow up in a state with rich past and haunting present. You get to know how rotten a system can be, how privileged thrive while others cry. Hence you turn into a default rebel. So am I...

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