Net Neutrality for Dummies

So we have this wonderful drink¬† named ‘Internet’. It is free for all, to do whatever they want with it. You can use it to display your creativity, keep in touch with your friends and family, satisfy your gratification monkey, or other nefarious purposes. tl;dr Internet is FREE! FREE! FREE!!!!

1. Here is what a tall beautiful glass full of internet looks like, and on right hand side you can see yourself.

internet glass

2. But you can only drink this by using a ‘straw’, which is sold to you by your Internet Service Provider.

buy our straws

oh well! whatever floats your goat.

3. You buy 4G, 3G, 2G straws or such packs, and commence your sloshery.


4. Well it all changed when you got up one morning to this shocker!


it took you a while to absorb the shock.

5. And then you stated the obvious ‘Internet is Free!!!’

can't srgue with that

but they were like, ‘Not the Straw!”. We own the Straw and we will do whatever the F*** we like with it.


6. *Panic Mode* What do I do now???

could you fucking not

It is bound to happen soon unless you join the war that is being waged against this as you read this. Go to R/India and read the way forward, share these images with your friends and *unknown people you added on a adding spree*. Reach out on twitter,  ask celebrities, politicians, vloggers, bloggers you follow to spread the word. Make #NetNeutrality trend, make such Net Neutrality for Dummies analogies and share them.

Part 2: How is F***Kart ditching you all and joining Airtel in its nefarious activities (coming shortly…)





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  1. RTed you. It’s good to see people take a stand finally. Hope you guys win this. Dont let the Comcast-netflix repeat in your country.
    Good luck,

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