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Graveyard in my mind

Graveyard in my mind

“I have a graveyard in my mind,
there Shall I lay your memories put to rest.

For what is dead,
should be buried.

For I don’t want to see them rot,
Rot and decay painfully infront of my new memories.

Thus, I shall bury them in my mind’s graveyard.

I might pay the grave a visit once in a while,
to lay flowers, for being beautiful when they were there.

But, what is dead,
should be buried”


time traveler in love

Time Traveler

The Time Traveler’s Way :

She left me that day,how can someone be so heartless. I still remember the day we met, that was the first day of college and I saw her at the orientation,she sat next to me and then I asked her out,and you know how it moves further.

But when someone leaves the pain is immense.Everything seems to hold no meaning at all including life,more because in all those days in love you plan your whole life with that person.I confined myself to my room.

“How many days are you going to be like this?”, asked Vyom

“I don’t know,this pain is too much to hold”, I replied.

“Come I have something to ease it forever.”

We went to our empty Table-Tennis room. And then he showed me that time-gun. It didn’t surprise me, I was not unknown to the genius of Vyom.

“It creates time holes, and let you sneek into any particular moment in time”,he said.

“So,its not a time machine?”

“Technically it is, but Time-machine is too mainstream,so I call it time gun”

We fired it, and a hazy gate appeared, I could see myself walking down to the orientation room. We entered that time.

Vyom pushed the ‘past me’, as I reached to the seat I was meant to sit that day.

“Hi, I am Puja”, she said taking the seat.

“Hi, umm they call me ‘Not Interested’, I said with a grin.


Ah, and hence the pain eased,actually it ceased to exist.