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The Old Man next door

old man next door


The Old Man next door :

It was my wife first who told me about the old gentleman who shifted last night in our adjacent flat. But I hardly spoke to him, I was a busy man you see. Work at office kept me busy.

Slowly I started seeing more of him, reason being my kids Radha and Ravi were quite found of him. He used to tell them interesting stories, and ensured that they always returned with hands full of chocolates.

But I was a suspicious man, what he was a kidnapper or a pedophile, I talked to Rashmi,my wife, about it. Rashmi told me that the man means no harm and I should not bother much.

One day I saw him waving to me,he asked me to stop. He came down and said, “See, Mr. Mandal, try to spend more time with your family.This time might never come back.” I shrugged it off as an old man rant.

Time passed by, Radha and Ravi were in School now but their fondness for that old man never reduced.

That was year 2015, 1st January, we planned a picnic at nearby lake with office friends. While my kids were keeping their baskets in the car, I saw the old man waving at us again, I noticed his eyes were moist. I wondered, why?

I woke up in Apollo Hospital, last thing I remembered was the glass of our car shattering. We were hit by a truck. The first thing I wanted to see was my family. Were they safe?


Tears rolled down my cheeks, as that doctor told me how I was the only survivor. That accident took away everyone, My kids,wife,friends….EVERYONE.


I hardly wanted to go back home, after all it was no more home. I spent most hours in the lab and then at some random hotel.


Finally, after months I gathered courage to revisit the place we called home. A letter was waiting for me. It was from that Old man.

“Dear Mr. Mandal,

By the time you read it, I will be gone,Perhaps dead. You always wanted to know who I am? where I came from?

Mr.Mandal “I am You”. Your future self. That is the reason I asked you to spend more time with ‘our’ family.But, you repeated everything, every mistake. Alas! we can’t change the past completely.Never.

I left blueprints of time machine in my drawer. I spent whole life building it. But, with blueprints it will take you just 1 month.

Try going back again. Who knows this time we change the time.

With Love,
You. “


The Revolution Returns

revolution returned

The Revolution Returns :

January 1948:

“Heyy Ram!”, those were his last words. Godse stood panting, looking at Gandhi.

But Godse was not the only assassin that day.

The players behind the curtain had chosen several targets. Nehru, Ambedkar,Azaad all were shot dead one by one within one hour of Gandhi’s death. Soon, followed by disappearance of all other major constituent assembly members.

India was leaderless. The saffron revolution army rejoiced.
Saffron flag soon flew all across the nation in making.Right Wing was in Power. India was a Saffron Nation now.


January 1952 :

Saffrons gave 2 options to others, either accept the greatness of our religion and bow down to it. And go to your land. Muslims to Pakistan and Christians to west.

Rule of Vedas established.

“Varna Vavstha” re-established.

Saffron Revolution Army (SRA), promises to bring back old glory of ‘aryans’.

All anti Voices suppressed.

January 2015:

‘Laws of Brahmanism’, is the law of this land now. Separate cities for lower castes were built in year 1977, followed by special status for upper caste.
It was followed by closing down schools for girls.

Khajuraho temple was taken down, followed by burning of books and paintings which were ‘blasphemous’.
Religion was a major part of education, greatness of Religion and loyalty to SRA was installed in citizens through network of ‘Gurukuls’.


January 2015, At some Place :

One of them escaped ‘Education’. But was just ‘one’ enough?

He was faceless and nobody knew where he came from. He was ‘The Revolution’.

He was old, but ‘The Revolution’ is ageless is what he thought.

15 August 2015 :

That room in Central Delhi gave a splendid view from Parliament to Raj Bhawan to all secretariats.

The ‘Supreme leader’ was giving his Independence day speech. It was crowded near India gate. (They took red-fort long too).

Then a loud sound grabbed their attention, followed by a dark smoke rising out of ‘Raj Bhawan’, before they could react, ‘the sansad’, started burning too and one by one all secretariats came down.

‘The Revolution’, stood in that dark room, and suddenly it not that dark anymore. Those smokes were clearing the sky for a New sun to rise.

‘The Revolution’, slowly walked out that room. His work was complete.

Next day there were murmurs in the town, that they saw ‘Subhash Chandra Bose’.