The Roommate

Hey,  am going to spend the first quarter of our time together, by ignoring you. The next half by annoying you,


And the last quarter by exchanging memories. But, I will spend the rest of my life missing these absolutely phenomenal moments.


Perhaps times will move on slowly like an old man walking down a dwindling mud path, but…


Please be aware that oft when you aren’t noticing the old man will look back till you are the pin point of light in the distance.


You know it is glad to see that you have added to your existence not just in the number of years that you gained…


But by the lives you have touched, and the people you have rescued and made.

someone like you

I am awed by the dreams you weaved and claimed in all these years and I…


Respect how you have matured, and yet maintained your innocent curiosity for life 🙂


Today, you turn a year older, and so as the norm goes


Have more crazy days in your life than normal


Days that are anything but ordinary

tiny bouquet

And meet new whacky people, learn things you want to learn and pray to remember


You were a roommate I didn’t need, but the one I deserved.


P.S: Hey Sherlock, if you look closely, I typed out Happy Birthday, you know how difficult that is :D, and I figured you’d never come here and see this. But, imagine your delight when you do.




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