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Theory of the Definite World

We have heard from time immemorial that “what is going to happen…will happen”, it is decided by God (or a higher incomprehensible force which we label as such) from the very moment we are born, our whole life is decided, every action and decision which we will take in future has already been decided.

All of these assumptions are rarely new ideas, they have been there and are true upto some extent. As soon our life takes form and our body gains functions, our brains also develops the capability to decide what we will choose to do in certain conditions.

Say, we made two people stand equidistant from a baby and make them call him . The baby will intently watch the behavior of both people, their body language and then he will decide which one to go towards. But, he didn’t make this decision impromptu, his mind had been prepared from his birth for the type of people he will be attracted towards, he already had in his mind the behavior he found appropriate and all he needed to do was to see which of the two person came close to that image, and then every atom of his body told him to approach the person he had chosen.

For every situation, every person has a different and fixed reaction. If someone denies this and thinks that he is capable of doing anything he desired in a given situation then he is mistaken because his final action is pre-defined, it may seem like something he came up with at the spur of the moment but his decision is already rooted deep within his mind.

Every moment of our life thus is a situation, for which a person has a predetermined and fixed reaction. According to me everything in this world is laid out in a perfect order, from the moment of the creation of the universe and everything which is going to happen has in fact, already been decided. For that matter, even the action of myself putting these words to paper because my mind is telling me to do so, at this precise moment is no momentarily influx of thoughts, it is ‘definite’.

But say if I was not writing this, then my mind would have been made differently and then these thoughts would have never in fact occurred to me but to someone else who had the mind built up to think these thoughts, and you the reader would have never read this had your mind hadn’t been built to comprehend the idea of ‘definite world’. You see the hint of pre-decision there? And in a bigger picture, for all this to happen a little differently it would have just required a very very very almost negligible change in the very creation itself.

Meanwhile, it is also agreed upon that forecasting is possible. I certainly believe it can be, if we were to calculate the extremely long and difficult calculation of human body and environment, on which the future depends. It may seem very far fetched because this technique will require calculation of lengths that humankind hasn’t experienced yet, it’ll have us calculating the 10 to 100 trillions atoms that exists in our body.


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